“News and Views”: a monthly digest of ICAPGen blog posts


Have you been enjoying ICAPGen’s (SM) monthly newsletter “News and Views?” News and Views pulls posts from the previous month of the ICAPGen blog and presents them in one convenient publication.  This  is an easy way to get ICAPGen news delivered to your email “in” box in a digest format.

If you’ve wondered why dates of the newsletter articles predate the newsletter’s issue date—articles in the September 1st newsletter are dated August 31, 26, 16, 12, and 5, for example—we can solve that mystery for you…

On the first of each month the newsletter automatically pulls content from the previous 30 days of our blog, keeping the original dates for the articles. So those are the dates the articles were first posted on the ICAPGen blog.  Mystery solved!

If you’d like to receive News and Views just send an email to dayna.jacobs@icapgen.org.

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