Free Genealogy Research Help from Our Professionals

The ICAPGen blog is starting a new column entitled “ICAPGen Answers.” For this feature, we will be accepting questions from researchers everywhere, then our professionals holding the Accredited Genealogist® credential will take turns answering those questions in the form of blog posts here.
To Submit Your Question:
  • Click on the “#ICAPGen Answers” link at the top of this blog (in the menu bar).
  • In the message form that appears, give us a summary of the details about your research project and what questions you need answered.
  • Be sure to let us know your specific question, or where/when/why you feel “stuck.”
Some details about this service:
  • Note that we won’t do ancestor-specific research for you.
  • The answer you receive will focus on research methods to help you solve your research question
  • We will also ask our professionals who hold the Accredited Genealogist® credential for your ancestors’ specific geographic area to offer up some guidance regarding that area, however, so the resulting advice should hopefully point you to new resources or strategies you hadn’t considered previously.
  • We will not discuss details about living persons in our blog posts (per our code of ethics), so while you may include them in your question to us if they are relevant to your research dilemma, we discuss them online.
We look forward to hearing from about your research efforts and how our Accredited Genealogist® professionals can share some of their expertise with you.

3 thoughts on “Free Genealogy Research Help from Our Professionals”

  1. Hi there, my name is Keira. I have been searching for my Great Grandfather for many years and constantly hit a dead end! Outside of many marriage documents and one death record for his daughter, he seems to disappear from all records! I’m completely heartbroken not finding out about him! Any help. ..advice would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Keira–just a quick heads up: I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago. Please check your spam filter if you haven’t received it yet! 🙂

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