ICAPGen℠ debuts first video on new YouTube channel: “Benefits of Accreditation”

We are excited to announce a new ICAPGen YouTube channel, along with our first video, “Benefits of Accreditation.”

This is a new initiative for us as we seek to provide insights into the accreditation process.  There are many researchers who want to take their skills to the next level and pursue a credential, but aren’t sure how to go about it.  We have created a series of videos that will answer their questions and hopefully inspire them to start down the road to accreditation.

Participants in ICAPGen Study Groups will also be able to use these videos as a basis for discussion and learning.

We’ve got a fantastic team of presentation specialists who are working hard to produce our videos, and we will be announcing each new production as it is posted to our YouTube channel.  Please help us get the word out about this new resource for applicants by sharing the videos or blog posts to your social media accounts.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new videos, or check back here often.

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