Fritz Juengling, AG

Publications by Fritz Juengling, AG

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  • Chalhoub-Deville, M., Juengling, F., McCollum Lozier, V., & Mueller, I. 1996.Qualitative and Quantitative Review of the University of Minnesota, CLA Language German Entrance and Graduation Proficiency Tests. The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
  • Chalhoub-Deville, M., McCollum Lozier, V., Sweet, G., Juengling, F., Klein, F., Mueller,
    I., Alcaya, C., & Kim, S. 1995. Technical report #1: Qualitative and Quantitative
    Critique of the Entrance and Graduation University of Minnesota CLA language
    Proficiency Tests in French, German, and Spanish
    . Minneapolis: The Center for
    Advanced Research on Language Acquisition.
  • Chalhoub-Deville, M., Juengling, F., Klein, F., & Sweet, G. (Submitted to Eric)Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview. The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition. University of Minnesota. 1995.

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