Websites of Our AG® Professionals

KipJanice Blackhurst       Genea in a Bottle

James Bratt                        The Family History Resource Group

Claire Brisson-Banks      Timeless Genealogies

Karen Clifford                   Genealogy Research Associates

Luana Darby                       Lineages by Luana 

Diana Elder                         Family Locket

Paula Faccio                       Take a Journey Into Your Past

Melissa Finlay                   Boundless Genealogy

Melissa Finlay                   Finlay Family

Mary E.V. Hill                     Family Roots Organizer Color-Coding System

Dayna Jacobs                     On Granny’s Trail

Dayna Jacobs                     The Fairy Tale Genealogist

Peggy Lauritzen                Always Anxiously Engaged

Peggy Lauritzen                Anxiously Engaged

Susan LeBlanc                   Gopher Genealogy

Kim Melchior                     Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center

A. Boyd Nielsen                Nielsen Genealogy

Sonja Nishimoto              Tree Climbing with Grandma Sonja

Milan Pohontsch              European Roots Genealogy

Richard W. Price              Price & Associates, Inc.

Susan Skilton                    Wild West Research

Kip Sperry                          Kip Sperry

Julie Stoddard                  Best Steps Genealogy

Colleen Stutz                    Ancestral Insights

Tristan Tolman                Legacy Family History, Inc.

Jenny Tonks                      The Genealogy Executive

Jenny Tonks                      NellBound



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