Congratulations to new AGs and those who renewed!!!

New AG® Professionals

Congratulations to these individuals who have recently passed the AG® examination and received the AG® credential:

Sylvia Murray – Great Plains States
Raymon Naisbitt – England
Lindsey Bayless – England
Joni Kesler – England
Anita Olsen – Denmark
Paul K. Graham – Gulf South States
Debbie Gurtler – Mid South States
Bradley Marchant – Sweden
Lisa McBride – Mid South States
George Ryskamp – Mexico
Arturo Cuellar – Mexico
Pamela Chatfield – Ireland

Recently Renewed AG® Professionals

Congratulations to these individuals who have recently renewed their AG® credentials:

Margo McKinstry – England
Evva Housley – England
Susan Glenn – Mid Atlantic
Jeff Blaylock – Midwest
Barry Kirk French Canada
Ruth McMahon – Midwest
CindyLee Banks – LDS Records
Joseph Shumway – England
Amy Harris – England
Karin Christensen – Norway
Claire Brisson-Banks – England
Debbe Hagner – Midwest
Vona Williams – England
Alan Mann – Australia
Danielle Batson – Midwest
Joyce Parsons – England
Sonja Nishimoto – Germany
Karen Baggs – England

–Seeking Accredited Genealogist Guest Bloggers–

Jenny Tonks, MA, AG® is seeking guest bloggers for her new web site,, where professional genealogists will post answers to blog readers’ family history questions.

The site is set to launch later this week, yet the volume of requests already received is very high (AskaGen’s unused Twitter account already has 190 followers), so this is a great opportunity for other Accredited Genealogists® to showcase their expertise and drive clients to their own sites, blogs, or Facebook pages/Twitter accounts. For more details, please email!

* ICAPGen occasionally makes information from outside sources available to our AG professionals as a community service. Though ICAPGen does not endorse or sponsor the individuals, companies, and organizations that contribute this information, we may share their information in order to provide opportunities to our AG community as we have done here.


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