Spotlight on Richard W. Price, AG®

Richard PriceMeet Richard W. Price, AG, accredited for research in the records of England.


Richard’s goal for accreditation came after working as a professional genealogist for a time, and realizing that a credential would allow him to join the ranks of other Accredited Genealogist® professionals he respected very much. After receiving his AG credential he continued on to earn an MA in Family and Community History from Brigham Young University, which he felt gave him more knowledge and credibility.

Challenging and Unique Aspects of English Genealogy

Early on, research in the records of England required onsite visits to English repositories to gain access to many of these records. Richard made about ten research trips to England, spending six to eight weeks at a time there. He visited countless archives and many churches. Richard learned to search Manorial records and other early records which were in Latin and old English hand, and often difficult to read.  He says that locating and gaining access to Manorial records used to be more difficult than it is now, and that some are even on microfilm at the Salt Lake Family History Library.

Advice to Others Pursuing Accreditation

For others who are pursing accreditation, Richard advises them to try to get employment with a genealogical firm or work with a professional genealogist while attending school, or during the summer or after graduation. This can help an aspiring professional learn to think analytically, write reports, and organize the research process.  He says, “Take as many genealogical classes as you can to gain adequate training. There are several schools in Utah, as well as on-line classes.  The BYU-Idaho online program is excellent.”


Richard’s goals as a genealogist are to base conclusions of family linkage on solid primary sources where possible, or analysis of secondary sources that give support to needed conclusions. He plans to continue finding clients by referral, advertising, marketing, internet exposure, and speaking at conferences and workshops or firesides, and loves finding new people who can use his services.

With a goal to keep clients happy by meeting their needs, Richard strives to always provide them with something new, whether that is identifying new ancestors, helping LDS clients with their unique goals, or finding new information not previously known in difficult research problems.

Current and Future Research Projects 

Richard has many research projects he is involved in. He lectures every year at conferences, giving new thought to new subjects. He is interested in ancestors and descendants of Rev. John Lothropp/Lathrop. He has plans to publish research results for several families.


Richard’s websites are  and Immigrant Servants database. They have indexed all immigrant servant records they could gain access to, mostly from the British Isles to North America.

Price & Associates, Inc.

Richard Price has an office in downtown Salt Lake City. His company, Price & Associates, Inc. hires many professional genealogists.  They prefer Accredited Genealogist researchers but also appreciate Certified Genealogists and others with degrees or many years’ experience.   They are always looking for good researchers to assist in solving ancestral dilemmas. They are seeking researchers who have good analytical skills, can determine correct ancestral lines through the use of original research, and are adept at genealogical report-writing.

Richard has been a full-time professional genealogist since 1976, and received his AG credential in 1979. His company does research in North and Central America and in most European and Asian countries, South Africa, etc. They send researchers to the British Isles and to Germany every year, and often have projects in  Italy, Lithuania, Croatia and other European countries.


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