Education: BYU Campus Education Week

ed-week-2016by Claire V.  Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS, AG

August 15-19, 2016

Each year BYU in Provo, Utah,  has what is known as “Education Week”. They bring in hundreds of teachers from all over and provide a week of education to all who attend.

It is a major event with over 1,000 classes on a variety of subjects, including education, religion, marriage and family, history, youth classes, genealogy and much much more.

This year will be no exception in quality as this week has been held every year since 1922. I’ve taught there and presented genealogy classes for 5 years before moving to Missouri. It is a unique experience for both the presenter and the attendee and worth every moment; if one is able to go and learn from the best.

Here is a link to their “General Information” to get you started.

Laurie Castillo  will be presenting the following 4 classes at the MARB building:

  • Tues: Techniques and Tools for Streamlining Your Research
  • Wed: How to Be more Successful with Genealogy Websites
  • Thur: Strategies and Tool for Breaking through Genealogy Brick Walls
  • Fri: Family History While You Sleep: Increase Research Success through Multitasking Effectively

James M. Baker will be presenting the following 4 classes at the JKB building:

  • Tues: Seven Strategies to Find the Most Difficult Family History Data
  • Wed: Solving Your Genealogy Puzzles with Clues You Already Have
  • Thur: Solving the Most Common Family History Problems
  • Fri: Using Online Sources to Find Early 1800 Ancestors

Timothy G. Cross, James R. Greene, Ronald M. Tanner will be presenting these 4 classes at the MARB building:

  • Tues: Why Are You Changing My Tree?-The Doctrines of Change and Collaboration (James R. Greene)
  • Wed: FamilySearch-What’s New and What’s Coming (Ronald M. Tanner)
  • Thur:Going to the Temple? Get Your Ordinance Card at FamilySearch (Timothy G. Cross)
  • Fri: Missionary Work through Family History – Thrust in Your Sickle with all Your Might! (Timothy G. Cross)

On Monday, Devin R. Ashby will be presenting at the MARB building:

  • Family History 101: Using Technology to Discover Your Family History
  • Family History 101: Using to Preserve Your Family History
  • Family History 101: Using Free Tools to Share Your Family History

There are other Family History and Genealogy classes being presented, here is a link to the program, take a moment to register and get set to learn from those who can aid you along your ancestral journey!






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