Why Hire an Accredited Genealogist® Professional?

why hire a professionalThere’s no question genealogy has grown into a huge hobby and industry, and there are more people than ever searching for their ancestors. Websites, blogs, webinars, software and apps, conferences, and the introduction of DNA testing have fueled the hobby and the industry in recent years, but with all that exists to help us fill in our pedigree charts we still reach that inevitable sticking point and can go no further on a line. We simply run out of ideas for where to search next.  That’s one of many reasons to think about hiring an Accredited Genealogist® professional.

A professional genealogist who specializes in a particular region or ethnic group can save a family inumerable hours and dollars in their research project.  The expertise of a professional—knowledge of which sources to search and the skill to correlate evidence—can pay off.  The ICAPGen℠website makes it easy to find an Accredited Genealogist professional by their region of accreditation, name, or place of residence.

Consumers can confidently expect Accredited Genealogist professionals to:

  • be competent in the strategies and techniques needed for successful research in their region using a broad range of record types, including digital, Internet, and LDS sources where applicable; they know the kinds of information found in each record, can search them quickly, and can explain the research plainly, and competently, to their clients.

  • have passed a rigorous, proctored, timed, written exam on the history, paleography, document contents, record availability, and research techniques appropriate for their region of accreditation, and have shown that they can conduct research independently, work efficiently, and produce a concise report of their findings within set time limits.

  • be qualified to conduct research in the region or regions of the United States and/or foreign country in which they are credentialed.

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