Member Spotlight: Debbie Hooper, AG®, CG® accredited in U.S. Mid-Atlantic States

Meet Debbie Hooper,  AG, CG, recently accredited in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States.  Debbie is employed by Ancestry ProGenealogists.

What motivated you to pursue accreditation?

I have been a certified genealogist since 2012. Since few people hold both credentials, I thought it would be nice to prove to myself I could become accredited also.

What are some challenging or unique aspects to researching in your area of accreditation?

New York is so different from other mid-Atlantic states. Marriage records are scarce, and many people did not own land prior to 1840. New Jersey is a little difficult to research since census records are not available for 1790 through 1820 (with the exception of one county available in 1800).However, both New York and New Jersey took state censuses between the decennial U.S. censuses. All five states are original U.S. colonies, so records are available from the 1600s in many cases.

What advice do you have for those pursuing accreditation?

Pay attention to the requirements for each level. For the Level 1 research report, make sure to provide analysis in the report. You can write the report as though the client knows nothing about genealogy, and this is your way of explaining the research.

What are some of your goals as a genealogist?

Gee, that is a tough one.  It would be nice to have an article published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

What research projects are you involved with now, or have planned for the future?

I have been working on a series of articles on researching in the counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the Maryland Genealogical Society Journal. The first one will be published in the upcoming issue.

Is there anything else you want to let us know about your genealogy experience or activities?

I am still researching my own family history that I began in 1986.

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