Call for Participants at Inaugural Conference for the Association of Genealogy Educators and Schools (AGES)

big news

A new organization – Association of Genealogy Educators and Schools (AGES) – will be holding its inaugural conference February 26th, during RootsTech 2020.  We invite you to submit proposals to be a part of this pioneering event.  The conference will consist of multiple breakout sessions and group discussions.  Proposals are due September 30th.  Click here for details, and please spread the word!

Founding Board members for this new organization include two Accredited Genealogist® professionals, Jill Crandell, and Amy Harris.  The full Board includes:

  • Jill Crandell, MA, AG, Director of the Center for Family History and Genealogy and Assistant Professor, Department of History, Brigham Young University
  • Jacques du Plessis, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Amy Harris, PhD, AG, Associate Professor, Department of History and Family History BA Program Coordinator, Brigham Young University
  • Tahitia McCabe, MLS, PG Diploma (Genealogical Studies) Course Director for the Masters in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies, University of Strathclyde

According to AGES, here is the mission of their organization:

The Association for Genealogy Educators and Schools (AGES) formed in 2018. AGES brings together the global community of educators and researchers in higher education with an interest in the teaching of genealogy/family history.

Genealogy is becoming an academic discipline in its own right. It is transitioning from being a massively popular hobby or sub-discipline in other academic disciplines such as History or Library Science. The digital and cyber revolution transformed genealogical data use and sharing. The increasing value of DNA testing adds another vital component to the rapid expansion of the landscape of genealogical research. The time has arrived to anchor Genealogy and Family History as its own academic field for both teaching and scholarly research.

AGES will be holding an inaugural conference [26] February 2020. The task at hand will be to develop and establish curricular standards for college- and university-level genealogical instruction and to collectively work at providing resources and support for the discipline. We will also refine the current draft of our bylaws… We invite you to be part of this pioneering event.

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