ICAPGen to be live-streamed at Rootstech

We were excited to be informed by the RootsTech 2020 team this week that one of our ICAPgenSM presentations has been chosen to be a part of the “virtual pass”, meaning it will be live-streamed to a huge online audience.

You can tune into this presentation, titled “Accreditation: What, Why, and How” by Diana Elder, Jenny Hansen, and Lisa Stokes on Wednesday, February 26th at 8:00 Mountain Time. Log in to the Rootstech webpage for a link to the live-streaming.

Our Presentations Committee has been doing a terrific job for us at major conferences, as well as our YouTube channel. A big thank you to Diana Elder, Julie Stoddard, Melissa Finley, Lisa Stokes, Mindy Taylor for all your efforts this past year!

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