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New AG® Professionals

Congratulations to these individuals who have recently passed the AG® examination and received the AG® credential:

Arturo Cuellar – Mexico
Pamela Chatfield – Ireland
James F. Bratt – Gulf South States
Fritz Juengling – Germany

Recently Renewed AG® Professionals

Congratulations to these individuals who have recently renewed their AG® credentials:

Kim Melchior – Denmark
Elaine Hasleton – Sweden
Jill Crandell – Midwest
Nathan O. Jensen – England
Nathan Murphy – Mid-South
Margo McKinstry – England
Evva Housley – England
Susan Glenn – Mid Atlantic
Jeff Blaylock – Midwest
Barry Kirk French Canada
Ruth McMahon – Midwest

ICAPGen & UGA Plan November 8-9, 2013 Conference

conferenceProposals are now closed for the upcoming ICAPGen/UGA conference for this coming November. The conference will be held in conjunction with BYU’s Center for Family History and Genealogy in Provo, Utah.

There will also be an “Ask a Genealogist” question and answer set up by area to help all who need additional guidance with their research.

Additionally, plans are being made to kick off a celebration of our 50th year in existence providing opportunities for individuals to be the best genealogical researchers possible.

Be sure to check both the UGA and the ICAPGen websites for continued updated information on the conference.