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Robert Kehrer

  Robert Kehrer worked for 12 years as a molecular geneticist identifying disease genes by building very large family pedigrees. He has an MBA and worked for 7 years at Apple managing strategic alliances and driving market strategy in the sciences.

For the last 5 years Robert has worked for FamilySearch as a product manager in the Family History Library, overseeing the public APIs, and managing the development of beta. He is currently the senior product manager of search technologies for FamilySearch.

Presenting: FamilySearch: Effective Search Techniques and Sound Research Practices

  • Types of data searched at FamilySearch
  • Historical Documents, Lineage linked conclusion data, FamilySearch Catalog, Scanned Books
  • How data is acquired, made searchable, it’s accuracy, location coverages
  • Searching name indicies
  • Browsing record images
  •  Sound research practices
  • Dealing with name spelling variations
  • Researching an entire family, not a single individual
  • A single surname deep study
  • The FamilySearch Wiki

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Sharon D. Monson

   Sharon D Monson has extensive research experience in courthouses, repositories, and the Family History Library spanning 30+ years. Specializing in the Southern US region, where burned out counties and loss of records is the norm, she has learned to dig “deeper” and polish the skills necessary to find missing documentation.

As a Residential Appraiser for most of her life, she has learned to pay attention to details. Examining what doesn’t look right, or what appears to be in the wrong place will often yield that previously missed clue. She feels it is extremely important to use accurate information to support family data.

As the founder of GenSearch and more, her vision is to teach younger people how to search for their families. So that no one gets left out, she also plans to teach those who aren’t tech savvy how to use new technology in their search for ancestors.


  • Combining History & Genealogy, A Successful ResearchTool: A vast amount of genealogical records have been created as a result of historical events. A study of the Social, Political, and Economic conditions in any given area of interest will yield significant clues for ancestral research.

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