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Call for Proposals: SLIG Day at the FHL


We would like to remind all AG researchers of the opportunity to present at the 2020 SLIG Day at the FHL, and are recapping our original call for proposals to make sure you know the May 5th deadline is fast approaching!  Here is the original announcement:

ICAPGenSM is pleased to announce the call for proposals for SLIG day at the Family History Library, Saturday, January 18, 2020. We are looking for excellent presentations by AG researchers who will represent the organization. This is an opportunity to show your expertise in your area of accreditation (presentation in a classroom setting) or technology (lab).

The event will take place from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm with two class sessions, FHL tours, and an ICAPGen reception. The event will replace SLIG Night at the FHL offered in the evening in prior years, and SLIG Tech Day, offered on Saturday the past two years.

SLIG offers this background information to assist you
in preparing your proposal:

SLIG students come from across the nation and around the world. The majority (over 80%) hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have been doing family history research for more than sixteen years (41% over 30 years). SLIG currently requires an intermediate level of research skill to register for a course, however this is self-measured. Technical skills will vary as the average attendee is over 55 years of age.

With this in mind, we recommend that classes assume at least some previous exposure to the record type or area of research, and that instruction be at an intermediate to high-intermediate level unless specifically noted otherwise. While difficult to teach, “labs” should be interactive. Alternately, “follow along” classes, wherein students can browse the record sets and apps on the lab computers, but are not required to keep pace with the instructor, are acceptable as long as this is clearly noted in the description.

This event will replace SLIG Tech Day, which has been held on Saturdays the past couple of years, so proposals on technologies such as Evernote, Google Earth or MyMaps, Spreadsheets, digital file management, adding metadata to photos, etc. are encouraged in addition to research-focus topics. Technology classes/labs need not assume prior knowledge of the app, however more advanced instruction is also welcome. The description should clearly explain the level and pre-requisites.

We thank you in advance for your willingness to participate, and look forward to highlighting the skills of ICAPGen members through this program.


To submit a presentation, email the following:

  • Name, telephone, and email address
  • Specialty
  • Lecture / teaching experience
  • Speaker’s biography
  • Title of the presentation, not to exceed fourteen words
  • Summary of the presentation to be used for advertising, not to exceed twenty-five words
  • Brief outline of the presentation

The deadline for submissions is 5 May 2019. Up to 8 proposals may be submitted. Please include all speaker information and proposals on one document and email to Vicki Standing, ICAPGen President,

“Emeritus AG” Status Policy Updated


ICAPGenSM Commissioners recently updated the policies regarding Emeritus AG® status and would like to make all Accredited Genealogist researchers aware of these changes.  Emeritus AG Status was originally made available 25 Oct 2002, and the new policy is effective as of 21 Mar 2019:

The ICAPGen Commission offers Emeritus AG status. This honorary status was approved on 25 October 2002 and revised by the ICAPGen Commission on 21 March 2019. The Commission recognizes that the Accreditation Program is about forty years old, and we have many distinguished Accredited Genealogist® researchers retiring from professional research. Many of the retiring AG professionals have expressed a desire to continue being associated with the credential. In addition, ICAPGen wants to have continuing association with these individuals and honor them for their achievements.

An Emeritus AG® is best described as someone who is retired from professional genealogical activities. With this new status, the retired professional might continue to lecture, write, or research on a volunteer basis and use the nomenclature, Emeritus AG or Emeritus Accredited Genealogist. The following describes what an Emeritus AG is and is not:

  1. The Emeritus AG status is not a credential. It is an honorary designation recognizing retired individuals as having been accredited in the past.
  2. The Emeritus AG research will not be required to renew since this is not a credential.
  3. The Emeritus AG status cannot be used by researchers involved in professional genealogical activities to avoid credential renewals or the payment of annual fees.
  4. The Emeritus AG researchers may continue to use the nomenclature Emeritus AG or Emeritus Accredited Genealogist indefinitely, unless notified otherwise.
  5. The emeritus status will be withdrawn for retirement violations.
  6. The Emeritus AG researchers will have their names displayed on the ICAPGen website indicating their retired status, and with no contact information listed.
  7. The Emeritus AG researchers are encouraged to:
    1. Volunteer and share their vast knowledge with other AG researchers
    2. Assist those aspiring to become accredited
    3. Assist the genealogical community as a whole.
  8. The Emeritus AG will be offered to those Accredited Genealogist professionals who retire in good standing with a current accreditation. If accreditation is allowed to lapse prior to retirement, the emeritus status will not be available. This designation has been created to honor those who have remained accredited continuously for at least 10 years prior to requesting emeritus states. The annual fees must also be current.