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New Credentials for Eight Individuals

Nice2ICAPGen℠ is pleased to announce that eight individuals have been awarded the Accredited Genealogist® credential.  Congratulations on your hard work and achievement!

  • Amber Larsen, AG – Denmark
  • Melody Daisson, AG – U.S. Southeast
  • Kathryn Moore, AG – U.S. Midwest
  • Quentin Burrows, AG – Ireland
  • Karen Matheson, AG – U.S. Upper South
  • Fritz Juengling, AG – Norway
  • Lynn Andersen, AG – U.S. Southeast
  • Dayna Jacobs, AG – U.S. Southwest

And congratulations to the following individuals who have renewed their credentials:

  • Kory Meyerink, AG – Mid-Atlantic
  • Barry Kirk, AG – France

A Changing of the Guard

changing of the guard3

We want to thank Russell Lynch, AG® our outgoing president, for his service to the Board and ICAPGen℠.  He has been a wonderful leader and an asset to our organization.  Fortunately, he will still serve on our Board as Past President for the coming year.

We also want to welcome Vicki Standing, AG as the new ICAPGen president.  She has been serving as Vice-President under Russell Lynch, and is capable and qualified.  We look forward to working with her in this new capacity!

Vicki has worked in Family History for many years. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Family History in 1998 from BYU, and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences from the University of North Texas in 2006., where she is currently affiliated with Phi Kappa Phi.  She worked as a reference consultant for fifteen years at FamilySearch, and currently does contract research. She has been accredited since 2000, in the Mid-West area, and recently obtained her accreditation in African American Research.  The thrill of the hunt is her passion and enjoys research on-site at courthouses, churches, and libraries. She loves to take on really difficult research problems. Vicki and her husband Michael reside in Lehi, Utah. They have a daughter Jenna, and added a son in 2016 when Jenna married her husband Robert.

We would like to welcome two new Commissioners to the ICAPGen Board, Tracy Zappala, AG and Daniel R. Jones, AG. We look forward to serving with you!  And we are happy to also have Andrea DuClos on board as our new Executive Secretary.  Andrea did a great job organizing volunteers for our RootsTech booth.  Thank you!

The ICAPGen Commission and Board is as follows:

President Vicki Standing, AG®
Vice President Ray Clifford, Ph.D
Past President Russell S. Lynch, AG®
Executive Secretary Andrea DuClos
Treasurer Debbie Gurtler, AG®
Commissioner Suzanne Russo Adams, AG®
Commissioner C. Lynn Andersen, AG®
Commissioner Brandon Baird, AG®
Commissioner Lindsey M. Bayless, AG®
Commissioner Robert Call, AG®
Commissioner Ray Clifford, Ph.D
Commissioner Debbie Gurtler, AG®
Commissioner Dayna Jacobs, AG®
Commissioner Daniel Jones, AG®
Commissioner Fritz Juengling, Ph.D, AG®
Commissioner Russell S. Lynch, AG®
Commissioner Vicki Standing, AG®
Commissioner Tracy Zappala, AG®