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Kudos! Our latest renewals…


Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the renewal process for their Accredited Genealogist® credentials:

  • Michael Rawlings – U.S. Gulf South and U.S. Mid-South
  • Anita Olsen – Denmark
  • Chad Milliner – England
  • David S. Barss  – U.S. Midwest
  • Arturo Cuellar – Mexico
  • Mary Hill  – U.S. Mid-Atlantic
  • Evva Housely – Ireland
  • Nathan Murphy – U.S. Mid-South
  • Yvonne Sorenson – U.S. New England
  • Shon Edwards – Czech Republic
  • Joni Kessler – U.S. Midwest

ICAPGen℠ requires each Accredited Genealogist® professional to renew his or her accreditation every five years. The purpose of renewal is to assure that each AG®professional is keeping current with available sources and research techniques in the area of accreditation under renewal, including familiarity with new electronic and digital resources. This renewal process also ensures that each Accredited Genealogist professional is sustaining the high ethical and professional standards associated with ICAPGen.

ICAPGen will contact each AG professional by email or letter one year prior to the five-year anniversary of his or her accreditation, with follow-up reminders at six and three months before expiration. Renewal instructions will be included with the reminder, but there are things you can do today to make the process easier when it’s time to renew, so log in to the ICAPGen website and see “Renew your credentials.”


Five AG® Professionals Renew Credentials

well done

Every five years Accredited Genealogist® researchers have the opportunity to renew their AG credentials.  The renewal process requires a 5-7 page report or a published article, a summary of genealogical activities, and a list of education and skill-building activities, and a signed ethics agreement.

One way to make the renewal process easier is to keep a running list  of genealogical activities you are involved in, as well as a running list of education and skill-building activities you participate in.  Every time you attend a conference, present a class, watch a webinar, read a genealogy book, or serve in an organization just add it to your list.  When the time comes for renewal you will be all set!

If you are engaged in client work or have your own research projects, just send in one of your client reports or write up your own project–it only needs to be 5-7 pages.  Sign in to the ICAPGen webpage and scroll to the bottom of the page for more details on the renewal process.

Recently we have had five individuals renew their credentials and we want to congratulate them:

  • Barry Kirk – French Canada
  • Lorraine Bourne – Mid-South
  • Paula Faccio – Italy
  • Joseph Shumway – England
  • Margo McKinstry – England