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–Seeking Accredited Genealogist Guest Bloggers–

Jenny Tonks, MA, AG® is seeking guest bloggers for her new web site,, where professional genealogists will post answers to blog readers’ family history questions.

The site is set to launch later this week, yet the volume of requests already received is very high (AskaGen’s unused Twitter account already has 190 followers), so this is a great opportunity for other Accredited Genealogists® to showcase their expertise and drive clients to their own sites, blogs, or Facebook pages/Twitter accounts. For more details, please email!

* ICAPGen occasionally makes information from outside sources available to our AG professionals as a community service. Though ICAPGen does not endorse or sponsor the individuals, companies, and organizations that contribute this information, we may share their information in order to provide opportunities to our AG community as we have done here.


ICAPGen Book: Becoming an Excellent Genealogist…

When it comes to improving one’s research skills, look no further than the new ICAPGen book, Becoming an Excellent Genealogist: Essays on Professional Research Skills. 

This new aid will help improve ones research skills and begins with establishing a foundation then walking step by step through various processes and situations one finds while conducting genealogical/family history research.

Research concepts and methods along with recording and reporting are just a few of the topics covered. To get your copy, go to‘s website, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the help and guidance available right at your fingertips!