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Testing Schedule Changes Announced

If you are gearing up for accreditation, you will want to be aware of a new testing schedule announced by ICAPGen℠:
  • Starting with 4th quarter of 2018 we have changed the testing schedule. We are implementing a Friday night/Saturday daytime test schedule. The first part of Level 2 exams will be given on Friday evening. The candidate will return Saturday to complete their Level 2 exam and take their written portion of the Level 3 exam. Retakes will be scheduled as needed during the Saturday testing day. (Those preferring to take Level 2 & Level 3 during different testing cycles may do so, but they will need to take Level 2 one testing cycle and wait until the following test cycle to take Level 3.)
  • Level 1 submissions are graded at the beginning of each quarter. Projects received between submission deadlines will be held until the next quarter for grading. For example: A Level 1 submission uploaded between 7 January (day after 1st quarter deadline) & 7 April 2018 (day of 2nd quarter deadline) is graded at the beginning of 2nd quarter.
  • Level 2 tests may not be scheduled until after receiving a score of 90% or higher on the Level 1 submission.
  • Level 3 tests may not be scheduled until after receiving a score of 90% or higher on the Level 2 tests.
  • Oral Reviews may not be scheduled until after receiving a score of 90% or higher on the written portion of Level 3 tests.
  • Off-site testing is scheduled on an individual basis.
  • Custom on-site testing available for special circumstances. (Email the testing secretary for permission at before paying fees.)
  • Additional charges apply for both offsite and custom onsite testing. See Fee Schedule for details.

Below are the remaining deadlines for Level 1 submissions and onsite testing dates for the year 2018.

3rd Quarter

Level 2 Exam & Level 2 Retake – 18 August 2018
Level 3 Exam & Level 3 Retake – 15 September 2018
Oral Reviews – 20 October 2018

4th Quarter

Level 1 Submission Deadline – 6 October 2018
Level 2, Level 3 Exams, & all retakes – 16 & 17 November 2018
Oral Reviews for this session of testing will be scheduled in January 2019.


For further details about the accreditation process, please see the ICAPGen website.  Be sure to download the Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist® Credential, as well.

ICAPGen℠ debuts first video on new YouTube channel: “Benefits of Accreditation”

We are excited to announce a new ICAPGen YouTube channel, along with our first video, “Benefits of Accreditation.”

This is a new initiative for us as we seek to provide insights into the accreditation process.  There are many researchers who want to take their skills to the next level and pursue a credential, but aren’t sure how to go about it.  We have created a series of videos that will answer their questions and hopefully inspire them to start down the road to accreditation.

Participants in ICAPGen Study Groups will also be able to use these videos as a basis for discussion and learning.

We’ve got a fantastic team of presentation specialists who are working hard to produce our videos, and we will be announcing each new production as it is posted to our YouTube channel.  Please help us get the word out about this new resource for applicants by sharing the videos or blog posts to your social media accounts.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new videos, or check back here often.