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New Video: Creating a Research Reference Guide

Set yourself up for a great genealogy research session with a research reference guide. The first step of any research project should be gathering information about the locality and available records.

This video will cover what to include in your research reference guide to research more efficiently and effectively as a genealogist. If you are working on becoming an accredited professional through ICAPGen, the research reference guide may be used during the Level 1 project and Level 2 and 3 exams.

“Testing Regions, Levels, Fees, Scheduling, and Specialties” – our latest video

With the publishing of “Testing Regions, Levels, Fees, Scheduling, and Specialties” the ICAPGen℠ YouTube channel now has five videos available. Mindy Taylor, AG®, presents a good overview of these aspects of the accreditation process in our latest video. Check it out today!