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Our Latest AG® Renewals

nicelydone-logo-largeThe following individuals have recently completed the requirements to renew their AG credentials:
  • Loretta Evans – U.S. Midwest
  •  Geoffrey Morris – Denmark
  • Kip Sperry – U.S. Midwest
  • Claire Brisson-Banks – U.S. Mountain West
  • Susan Glenn – U.S. Mid-Atlantic
  • Sonja Nishimoto – Germany
  • Therese Fisher – U.S. Gulf South
  • Marilyn Markham – U.S. New England-Librarianship
    In addition, Anne Wuehler accredited in U.S. Pacific States- Librarian has been given Emeritus status.

Renewals and New Credentials

thumbs upCongratulations to Diana Elder, who has successfully completed the requirements for accreditation in the U.S. Gulf South Region, and can now add the AG® post-nominal to her name. Well done!

And we are pleased to announce Heidi Sugden has successfully renewed her credential for research in the records of France, and Peggy Lauritzen has renewed in the U.S. Mid-South.