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ICAPGen Level 3 Final Project: Video Now Available

Have you conquered Level 1 and Level 2 of the ICAPGen℠ genealogy accreditation process? Learn what is included in the Level 3 Final Project and how to prepare to pass the final level of testing on your way to professional status!

The Level 3 Final Project is a timed library research which requires the applicant to research and write a professional report.  Whether you are currently in the process of accreditation or just want to brush up your professional skills, you will benefit from ICAPGen’s newest YouTube video.

This presentation was given by Diana Elder, AG®. Learn more about Diana on her ICAPGen website profile page.

“Research Planning” – a New Video by ICAPGen℠

Whether you are performing genealogy research for yourself or for a client, you want to spend time searching the records that are most likely to help you successfully meet your research objective. How do you know which records to focus on during your research session? You create a research plan! Learn how in ICAPGen’s latest video, “Research Planning.”

Learning how to create a research plan will help you improve your genealogy research skills, and can also help you prepare for the Level 2 and Level 3 exams as you seek professional accreditation. This presentation was given by Julie Stoddard, AG(R).  Learn more about Julie at her ICAPGen profile page.