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Coaching Opportunity at Rootstech SLC 2020, a global network of professional genealogists, is teaming up with ICAPGen (SM) this year for Coaches’ Corner at RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2018, Trace has hosted Coaches’ Corner, offering thousands of free one-on-one 25-minute genealogy consultations to provide RootsTech attendees guidance on breaking down their brick walls. Each year the demand for this service has grown and this year we are looking to partner up with you to help!

With early indicators showing high demand, and the assistance of ICAPGen, we can provide over 1,350 25-minute consultations this year! Attendees will sign up for these consultation spots based on certain research categories, such as German research, Deep South (US) research or DNA research. If you decide to join us at Coaches’ Corner, we’ll provide a full list of the categories you feel comfortable coaching in. These consultations are provided as a free service to RootsTech attendees. However, historically and depending upon the area of research, up to 10% – 20% of these attendees have turned into paying clients for the researcher who offered the consultation. The Trace team will help anyone interested in doing more research to set up a research project through Trace after their consultation, whether during RootsTech or at a later time. All of these projects go through Trace, but we give first dibs to the coach who provided the consultation to submit a proposal for the project. Not only is it a great volunteer opportunity, but it is a chance to grow your own personal business.

In exchange for providing a minimum of eight hours of volunteer time at Coaches’ Corner, a free RootsTech pass ($299 value) will be provided, allowing you access to the Expo Hall and over 300 classes, among other things. Plus, Coaches’ Corner provides invaluable networking opportunities with other professional genealogists from around the world and the Trace team.

We would also welcome your attendance at a free exclusive dinner for coaches only, sponsored by Trace. (This has historically been a favorite RootsTech activity of many coaches!) Of course, you will not only leave the booth taking home some free Trace swag but also new potential clientele from any paid projects resulting from Coaches’ Corner. If you cannot provide eight or more hours but would still like to participate in Coaches’ Corner, please let us know – we won’t be able to provide a free pass, but we’d still welcome your assistance at the booth.

If interested, please reach out to us by 14 February 2020. Registration of consults for all Rootstech attendees opens in a little over a week. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, as well as provide more Cnformation on Coaches’ Corner.

Wesley Eames
CEO & Co-Founder
+1 801-797-1945

Positions Opening Up on ICAPGen Board and Committees

Position open

The ICAPGenSM Board and committees will soon have some positions opening up, and we invite any interested Accredited Genealogist® researchers to contact us.

Testing Committee Chair

Testing Committee Chair is currently occupied by C. Lynn Anderson. Lynn is retiring in January after filling this position for nine years! A HUGE thanks to Lynn for her long, dedicated service!! She has rolled out many exciting new features in the way testing is done this past year and has a dynamic testing committee assisting with all aspects of the testing process.

If interested, please send a letter of interest and summary of your genealogical activities to the Executive Secretary by 25 October 2019 at  Qualified individuals will go through an interview process.

Below are some of the main duties of the Testing Committee Chair:

  • Primarily responsible to protect the security of all examinations.
  • Oversee all testing committee activities through frequent communication with testing secretary and sub-committee leaders.
  • Ensure exams created & updated comply with exam standards.
  • Review applicant/candidate progress through reports from Level 1 Chair, Test Administrator Coordinator, and Testing Secretary.
    • Confer with Level 1 Chair and Test Administrator Coordinator on four-generation projects and test results which are borderline or problematic.
    • Review feedback letters and project letters for four-generation projects and tests that do not pass.
  • Conduct Testing Committee meetings as needed.
  • Report on Testing Committee activities and needs at ICAPGen Board Meetings.
  • Manage DropBox folders.
    • Archive Level 1 Project Folders and Level 2 & Level 3 Folders as needed.
    • Responsible for uploading and removing oral review material in  Dropbox folder for Oral Review committee.

Study Group Work Reviewers

The Study Group/Mentoring team is in need of 3 to 4 accredited genealogists to assist with reviewing participant work. These positions will not be required to attend meetings and the time commitment is 1-3 hours per month for a three-month study group. Those interested may contact

Social Media Assistant

The Public Relations Committee needs an individual to help out with our “member spotlights” by contacting AG researchers and posting spotlights to our blog.  We also need someone who can post newsy items to our Twitter account, and someone who can do the same with our blog.  Please contact