Carol Smith

  Carol E. Smith, AG® works at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. She is responsible for patron classes and groups visiting the library. She has a BA degree in Family History from Brigham Young University and is accredited in New England Research. She serves with the United States and Canada team on their reference desks.

She has been involved with the Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) as President, Vice-president, and board member. While with UGA, she worked with the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy from 2004-2009, and served with the UGA host committee for the 2010 NGS Conference.

She has served as the Exhibit Hall Chair for RootsTech since it first started in 2011. She co-chaired the Conference on Family History & Genealogy from 2010-2012 held at Brigham Young University. She also serves on the Renewal committee for The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, and has researched professionally.

She will be presenting:

  • U.S. Migration  Through Canals & Waterways: Many settlers moved from America’s east coast westward through canals and waterways. This class will focus on the waterways into the Midwest, identifying the water migration routes, and discussing the records that survive.

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