Genealogists’ Declaration of Rights! We Need Your Support!


Did you know that the Social Security Death Index is no longer accessible until three years after someone’s death?

Did you know that State Vital Records Officers have a Model Act which if passed in your state will close access to birth records for 125 years, marriage records for 100 years, and death records for 75 years?

We need to let Congress and our state legislatures know that genealogists need access to public records and GENEALOGISTS VOTE! You can help by signing the Genealogists’ Declaration of Rights and by asking your societies to encourage their members to sign the Declaration.

We obtained more than a 1,000 signatures at the national genealogical conferences this summer and almost 3,000 signatures online. We need 10,000 signatures before Congress and the state legislatures begin their next legislative sessions in January. We need YOU to sign the Declaration. Take five minutes and sign the Declaration in support of access to public records at

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