Successful Renewals by Nine AG® Professionals

ICAPGen℠ requires each Accredited Genealogist® professional to renew his or her accreditation every five years. The purpose of renewal is to assure that each AG® professional is keeping current with available sources and research techniques in the area of accreditation under renewal, including familiarity with new electronic and digital resources. This renewal process also ensures that each Accredited Genealogist is sustaining the high ethical and professional standards associated with ICAPGen.

A successful renewal involves reporting on one’s genealogical activities over the five year period, and completion of a 3-5 page research report for the area of accreditation.

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We want to congratulate nine of our AG professionals for successfully renewing their credentials recently:

  • Apryl Cox – England
  • Duane G. Dalley – Denmark
  • Tricia A. Petrey – U.S. Mid-South
  • Suzanne Russo Adams – Italy
  • A. Boyd Nielsen – Denmark
  • RayDean Hill – England
  • Russell S. Lynch – U.S. Midwest
  • Stephen C. Young – Canada
  • Vicki Standing – U.S. Midwest

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