Welcome to Nine New AG® Professionals


We want to welcome nine individuals who received their accreditation at the end of 2015.

  • Michael McCormick: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Mauri Pratt: Gulf South Region
  • Monique Riley: Midwest Region
  • Virlene Hirshchi: Mountain West Region
  • Colleen Stutz: Midwest Region
  • Kathy Behling: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Robert Call: Midwest Region
  • Catherine Sorensen: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Anka Magee: Denmark

And five individuals have successfully renewed their accreditation in recent weeks:

  • Ellen Piehl  Midwest Region
  • Tim Bingaman:  Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Marissa Gardner:  Germany
  • Suzannah Beasley: New England Region
  • David Rencher: Ireland

Well done!

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