Call for volunteers!

volunteers6Would you like to be a part of ICAPGen℠ activities?  We have a number of opportunities for volunteers and would love to have you join one of our committees. You don’t need to live in the Salt Lake area to be a part of things.  Much of our work can be done remotely–in fact I am writing this from a small town in California!

We have needs for those who are already Accredited Genealogist® professionals, and also those who are not yet accredited. If any of these roles are a good fit for you, just let us know  by contacting the Study Group Committee at or the Testing Committee at Here are a few of our volunteer needs:

Study Group Committee

  • Study Group Secretary – Maintain data about persons wanting to join the ICAPGen Study Groups. Check the Study Group email regularly and respond to emails.  Share information with the Study Group Committee Chair.
  • Study Group Co-Team Leader – Participate and organize monthly meetings via Google Hangouts for a period of 3 months.  Discussion topic material will be provided.  This position is a 3 to 6-month commitment.  Qualifications:  Must be an Accredited Genealogist professional or have passed Level 1.

Testing Committee

  • Executive Testing Committee Secretary – Take notes in test committee meetings. Send emails.  Follow up on task list assignments. Keep the committee focused.  Qualifications:  Must be an Accredited Genealogist professional and able to keep confidences.
  • Test Proctor Coordinator – Contact pre-AG professionals and create a list of persons interested in proctoring ICAPGen quarterly exams.  Schedule proctors, remind proctors of commitment and send thank you notes to proctors.
  • Oral Review Scheduler – Contact experts to participate in Oral Review.  Coordinate scheduling with experts and applicant.  Schedule Oral Reviews in the FHL or via Skype.  Notify Testing Committee of Oral Reviews scheduled.  Oral Reviews are typically scheduled quarterly with one to four scheduled each quarter.

2 thoughts on “Call for volunteers!”

  1. Has the study group secretary position been filled. I think I could help in that position.

    1. Hi Jan, I will forward your name to our study group coordinator and put you in touch with her directly, since I’m not sure if it has been filled yet. Thank you for your interest! –Dayna

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