BYU-Idaho’s Family History Programs


BYU-Idaho offers a comprehensive program to help one attain an Associate Degree in Family History online or a Family History Certificate. The difference is in the number of course (credits) needed to receive either the degree or the certificate.

The program is in its 3rd year and has had a number of updates to the different classes offered in order to maintain the latest information and technical advances connected with each class.

The course is rigorous and follows a standard semester schedule with collaborative learning. It provides the skills and knowledge needed in this field to be able to do client work and/or assist family, friends and others with their individual research needs or go on to acquire a certification or an accreditation.

Classes available are:

  • Intro to Family History
  • Intro to Family History Research, part 1, part 2
  • Internet and Computer Skills
  • Paleography
  • Genealogical Writing
  • The Family & Society
  • Research Methodology, part 1, part 2
  • Area Specialty, part 1, part 2
  • Genealogy as a Business
  • Capstone Professional Research

The emphasis is placed on mastering research skills and methodology for coming professional genealogists.

The majority of teachers/professors are experienced accredited or certified genealogists who also assist in keeping these courses updated. To learn more, visit their website here.

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