AG® Researchers needed for Coach’s Corner at RootsTech 2017


This year a new initiative is being tested at RootsTech that will provide conference registrants the opportunity to sit down with a genealogical expert or ‘coach’ who will provide them with professional advice on any research problems they wish to have examined. Each session will be twenty minutes in length with the coach committing to at least three consecutive session during one hour (or more) during the conference. Coach and registrant will sit at a table in the Coach’s Corner which will be open and available for three days (Thursday-Saturday) of RootsTech 2017. Organizers will post an online registration opportunity allocating times when geographical expertise (ie. United States, Italy, France, etc.) and coaches will be available.

Please note that coaches are NOT expected to conduct research for the registrants, but only to review the problems presented and to advise on further research avenues and resources.

Coaches will be allowed to promote their professional services, whether individual or corporate, but we must be sensitive to the appearance of the ‘hard sell’ during the conference. RootsTech organizers are appreciative of the free service rendered by coaches, but this opportunity is not designed to acquire clients. A sign can be posted at the table and business cards can certainly be distributed.

Coaches will be supplied with snacks and water during their time assisting registrants. A name tag with area of expertise will also be provided. A timer on the table will ensure that each session begins and ends on time. Computer stations and Internet connections will be provided at each station.

Once registered as a coach, please make every effort to fulfill your time slot as it will be very difficult to find a replacement at the last minute. Our registrants will sign up beforehand and will arrive with the expectation of having someone there to help them with their research questions.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Young at:  801-240-5593

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