New Credentials to be Offered for U.S. Northwest and Southwest

In a move to better serve researchers desiring a credential in the western region of the United States, ICAPGen has revised the credentials offered for that region.  Previously, credentials were offered in the Mountain West and Pacific Regions, but the geographic boundaries used for credentialing have been reconfigured to create the “U.S. Northwest” and “U.S. Southwest”  Regions.

As a result, ICAPGen will no longer be offering tests in the U.S. Mountain West and Pacific Regions after 2018.  U.S. Mountain West applicants currently in the process of credentialing will be allowed to continue, and those with the U.S. Mountain West credential can keep this credential in perpetuity.

The states of the new regions will be divided as follows:

  • Northwest – Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming
  • Southwest – Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah

The following map shows the new regions (Northwest is light blue. Southwest is pink).

Northwest and Southwest regions


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