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Some Tips for the ICAPGen Level 2 Exam: General Questions Section

Considering becoming an Accredited Genealogist® researcher? Wondering what is included in the Level 2 Exam and how to prepare? Learn more about the types of questions in the General Questions section of the Level 2 Exam and tips on how to prepare to successfully take the test.

Julie Stoddard, AG®, who is accredited in the Mid-south region of the U.S., is featured in this latest ICAPGen℠ video.

“Extraction, Transcription, Abstraction”: Brush up on essential skills

After you find a genealogical document, how do you determine what that document says? You extract, transcribe and/or abstract it! Learn how and what those terms mean, and how to do it right in this video.

Good transcription skills are an important part of becoming an advanced genealogist and “Extraction, Transcription, Abstraction” is a thorough discussion of these vital skills.  Whether you are seeking accreditation or are already credentialed, you will benefit from this ICAPGen℠ video presentation, brought to you by Mindy Taylor, AG®.