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April 2nd application deadline

April 2nd is the second quarter application deadline

If your New Year’s resolution for 2016 was to begin the process of accreditation, then you may be interested to know the application deadline for the second quarter testing cycle is April 2nd–six weeks from now. The ICAPGen℠ website has links to the online application and preparation tools, including ICAPGen study groups to help you with your submission.

If you have not yet started the required four-generation project, don’t worry.  Each quarter begins a new testing cycle, and you can prepare  to apply in either April, July, or October.

Mentoring Classes Online: A Resource for All of Us

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For several years ICAPGen℠ offered mentoring classes to aspiring AG® professionals to aid in the accreditation process.  Did you know these classes are now available online?  The FamilySearch Learning Center hosts hundreds of free courses  for genealogists, and among them are the ICAPGen Mentoring Classes.

These nine classes are a resource not only for researchers in the process of accreditation, but are foundational for genealogists of all experience levels–a good brush-up for all of us. While the research techniques presented in the videos are current, some aspects of the accreditation process have changed–so be sure to check the ICAPGen website for the current application process.

The FamilySearch Learning Center has links to these classes: