Online Study Groups are Forming

study groupsAs part of its efforts to reach out to prospective Accredited Genealogist® professionals, ICAPGen℠ offers several free online study groups each year to help researchers prepare a good Level One research project, and then to prepare for the ICAPGen exam.

In an Application Process Study Group participants meet regularly (usually twice a month for an hour) for three months to learn about preparing a good Level One research project. Experienced group leaders provide instruction and guidance, and group members review each other’s work and give feedback. For some assignments, group members work with partners. New groups usually start in January and July. For details see the ICAPGen Study Groups link under “Become an AG® Professional” and “Preparation Tools” on the ICAPGen website, or click this link:

Test Preparation Study Groups run for six weeks and meet weekly. They focus on preparing the members for taking the actual accreditation exam. Each section of the test is explained, and members can practice answering sample questions. This way they have a good idea of what to expect and can prepare accordingly. Since the test is open-book, but strictly timed, preparation includes compiling a personal reference binder that enables the user to find key information quickly. Group members can help each other by sharing resources and helpful suggestions.

Researchers who have already begun their research for the required ICAPGen project and plan to submit their application within the next six months can greatly benefit from participation in a study group. To join an upcoming group, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Snail Mail Address
  • ICAPGen US Region or International Country chosen for application & testing
  • Brief genealogical background
  • Rough draft of the 1st generation of your four generation project report
  • Four-generation project pedigree chart with sources

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