Keeping Up With Conferences

by Claire V. Brisson-Banks

Conference Keeper is one way to keep up with all the conferences that are going on all over the United States and elsewhere.

This group covers conferences, events, calls-for-papers, contests, grants & scholarships, travel, tours & cruises. By following this site and their Facebook page, one can pick and choose the best for their research and/or genealogical needs.


As you work through the list of available conferences, there should be something for everyone regardless of what level of expertise you are at!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn something new from a new conference, a new instructor in a great location or be pleasantly surprised at an upcoming conference you were not aware was happening in a location close to where you live!

Learning new skills, sharing and getting together with other genealogical/family history colleagues is always a fun and great experience.

Be sure to like their Facebook page also at, you’ll always be aware of golden educational opportunities!



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