Time to Update Your Profile?


If you have been on the ICAPGen website lately and noticed your Accredited Genealogist® Professional profile needs some updating, chances are pretty good others have noticed it, too. We’ve been getting some complaints about outdated information and links, and would like to encourage everyone to check their profiles and update them. It’s easy to do!  The quickest way is to email your changes to the ICAPGen webmaster at  webmaster@icapgen.org.

If you’d prefer to use a template or don’t yet have a profile, just log in and find the “Update Your Profile” link at the bottom of the page under “For Our Professionals.”

Fill out the template and click “submit”. We’d love to have you include a link to your own website if you have one.  A photo would be great, too, but share whatever you would like. Thanks for helping us to keep our website current!


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