New Credentials for Eight Individuals

Nice2ICAPGen℠ is pleased to announce that eight individuals have been awarded the Accredited Genealogist® credential.  Congratulations on your hard work and achievement!

  • Amber Larsen, AG – Denmark
  • Melody Daisson, AG – U.S. Southeast
  • Kathryn Moore, AG – U.S. Midwest
  • Quentin Burrows, AG – Ireland
  • Karen Matheson, AG – U.S. Upper South
  • Fritz Juengling, AG – Norway
  • Lynn Andersen, AG – U.S. Southeast
  • Dayna Jacobs, AG – U.S. Southwest

And congratulations to the following individuals who have renewed their credentials:

  • Kory Meyerink, AG – Mid-Atlantic
  • Barry Kirk, AG – France

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