Behind the scenes with the Testing Committee


Have you been through the accreditation process?  Is it one of your goals?  A big part of accreditation is the testing process, and the ICAPGen℠ Testing Committee is responsible for administering all aspects of this process for 41 different areas of accreditation.  As you can imagine, it is very involved! It requires the efforts of many volunteers.

We thought you might benefit from a look at some of the roles of the committee members, and invite you to get involved as a volunteer.  Some of the roles require accreditation, but others are open to everyone.  Some positions can be fulfilled remotely, and some need to be present at the testing site.

We have thirteen individuals serving on the Testing Committee in roles such as Committee Chair, Assistant Chair, Presentation and Marketing Assistant, Special Testing Circumstances, Oral Review Co-Chair, Testing Secretary, Website Manager, Remote Testing Coordinator, Level 1 Chair, Level 2 Chair, Test Preparation Specialist, Proctor Coordinator, Test Development Coordinator, and various Regional Chairs. That’s a lot of volunteers, but we have need for more!

We currently have openings for the following positions that require accreditation: You can express interest in these positions or ask questions via email:

  • Presentation & Marketing Specialists – An opening for Lead.  Assistant is already in place.
  • Level 1 Co-Chair (someone to assist a Co-Chair who is already in place)
  • Level 3 Chair
  • Oral Review Co-Chair (1 opening)
  • Test Update Specialist
  • Test Day Raters (We need many people to be on a list to help rate Level 1 projects and Level 3 tests remotely, and to attend test day as needed to rate Level 2 tests.)
  • Volunteers to review applications and renewal reports – we have a checklist you use to review them, and this can be as infrequent or frequent a commitment as you’d like.

We also have openings for the following positions which do not require accreditation:

ICAPGen is a premier credentialing organization for genealogists, and we are appreciative of the standard of excellence set by our AG professionals as researchers and educators. Throughout the genealogy community Accredited Genealogist professionals are contributing and leading out, and our organization continues to grow as individuals meet the challenge of accreditation. We invite you to be a part of ICAPGen!


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